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Global systemic crisis - April 2007: Inflexion point of the phase of impact / US economy enters recession
Public announcement GEAB N°12 (February 16, 2007)

As anticipated last January in GEAB N°11, the « fog of statistics » is now clearing and US economic trends appear clearly (retail sales at a standstill in January 2007, record high trade deficit in 2006, downward revision of US growth for 2006, Fed's confirmation of economic slowdown, serial defaults among mortgage lending organisations, continued collapse of US housing market,...).


A future role of foreign firms in Russia’s strategic industries

The future of the EU constitutional project: Analysis of the converging capacity among the various institutional players
Abstract GEAB N°2 ( February 16, 2006)


Part 1: From the Fall of Rome to the Fall of the British Empire and Part 2:From England to the United States of America by Rolf Nef

When empires fall, their currencies fall first. Even clearer is the rising debt of empires in decline, because in most cases their physical expansion is financed with debt. In each case presented we have some useful statistical data to show the drama. Every case is different, but the common thing is that the currencies of each and every one of these falling empires lost dramatically in value. Let me go through every case starting with the Romans:

TRIBUNE La génération Erasmus fête ses 20 ans

Un nouvel article de Franck Biancheri publié dans La Croix du 15/01/2007

Read the article: La Croix

GRANDS PRIX Grands Prix 2006 - And the Winners are ...
Newropeans-Magazine is happy to announce the results of the Grands Prix Newropeans for the European democratisation 2006.
TRIBUNE Euro, BCE, ou les absences de nos "présidentiables" (La Croix 13/11/06)

"La marge de manoeuvre d'un futur président français
en matière socio-économique est extrêmement faible
, même s'il dispose d'une majorité à l'Assemblée."
Read the article: La Croix

GEAB Fall offer:
Subscribe to LEAP/E2020's confidential letter, the GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin, and get free the "Big GEAB 1-6", the compilation of GEAB's first six numbers!

Subscription : 200 euros TTC for 10P yearly numbers + the 6 first numbers for free
CONFERENCE LEAP/E2020 participates in Workshop on global extremism, terror and response strategies

On August 6-7, in Alexandria (Egypt), LEAP/E2020, in the person of Franck Biancheri, was invited to present the European perspective in a top-level round-table on “global extremism, terror and response strategies” organised by the Strategic Foresight Group and SMWIPM Institute for Peace Studies at Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Strategic Foresight Group

MEDIA The Global Systemic Crisis seen by the Belgian economic magazine Trends
'Krach - The 5 looming threats' - In a 5 pages special file of its June 15th issue, the Belgian weekly business magazine Trends/Tendances, comments Leap/E2020's analyses presented in the GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin and in the regular public announcements: 'On February 16, Franck Biancheri published a study anticipating the imminent emerging of a "global systemic crisis". On the Internet, his analysis meets a resounding success...
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TOOL Europe2020/LEAP launches a new decision support tool : the "GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin"
BOOK Harald Greib: Berlin mit Bitte um Weisung
"Berlin mit Bitte um Weisung" ist ein Buch über den alltäglichen Wahnsinn eines Systems – geschrieben von einem, der ihn Jahre lang als Mitarbeiter der Ständigen Vertretung Deutschlands bei der EU miterlebte. In ironisch-humorvoller Weise beschreibt der Autor das Chaos eines Systems, das der Kontrolle seiner Schöpfer entglitten ist. Der Roman ist eine Satire auf die Brüsseler Nomenklatura, über den alltäglichen Wahnsinn eines Systems.
Info und bestellen
Europe 2020 knits a partnership with India-based think-tank Strategic Foresight Group
Europe 2020 and Strategic Foresight Group have decided to join forces and formalize a partnership based on exchanging contents and links, and on organizing common seminars of anticipation. The Strategic Foresight Group is a think-tank based in Bombay and headed by Sundeep Waslekar that conducts research and launches policy change initiatives to help decision makers to anticipate and influence the future in uncertain times.
Strategic Foresight Group
INTERVIEW Europe 2020's analysis of Turkey revealed on CNBC-Europe
On October 29th, 2005, 10.30 am (CET), Franck Biancheri was interviewed life from Paris as part of the CNBC-Europe programme "Morning Exchange" in triplex (Paris, London, Brussels) on EU and Turkey
MEDIA Europe 2020 mentioned in Le Monde
Europe 2020 was recently acknowledged one of a list of 5 think-tanks based in France in an article by Le Monde (March 29th, 2005) under the title : "The very pro-European action of some think-labs"
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February 19th 2007
Anticipation Bulletin N°12


Global systemic crisis - April 2007: Inflexion point of the phase of impact / US economy enters recession
In this February issue, LEAP/E2020 details the nature and sequence of ongoing developments meant for all concerned players (currency or financial market operators, investors, international traders, political and economic decisions-makers or analysts) to better anticipate events. Strategy is time mastery! In the present issue of GEAB, our teams endeavoured to build a device to overcome this quarter's accelerating developments…
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‘9-UP AND 9-DOWN’ – Eighteen key-trends for 2007: Nine issues will soar along the year – Nine issues will vanish by the end of the year
This list can help readers of GEAB to make the most of their time spent on reading the news. Helping you to reduce the time wasted reading articles about issues with minor impact on the course of events, and on the contrary inviting you to take more time on issues that will be at the centre of tomorrow's trends, such is the aim of this list of 18 up and down trends in 2007. Yen carry-trade, opposition between « new » and « old » EU member states, « war on terror », Russian president Vladimir Putin, Doha round, European Constitution, hedge funds, etc… Up or Down, what do you think?
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French presidential election 2007: The first round might bring along big surprises

A little more than two months before France's upcoming presidential election, LEAP/E2020 would like to update its May 2006 anticipations on that matter. It is now possible to distinguish quite clearly the first round's electoral configuration structured around 5 clusters, representing equivalent electoral potentials situated around 15% each…

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The GlobalEurometre - Results & Analyses
With 36% only of positive opinion against 41% of negative opinion, the Europeans clearly waver over the value of European forces' intervention in Lebanon as part of their peacekeeping mission between Israel and Hezbollah. European leaders should start wondering whether such results are due to the lack of a clear political mandate for the EU in the region, to the very limited media coverage of the European presence in Lebanon, or to some opposition to this type of action…
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