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GEAB N°76 (June 16, 2013) - Contents

Alert for the second half of 2013 – Global systemic crisis II : second devastating explosion/social outburst on a worldwide scale

A 2008 Lehman type shock, the fire’s symbolic start and especially widespread awareness of the situation, has not yet occurred. This really isn’t good news because, over time, the situation is getting worse and it’s not a shock that one must prepare for but a devastating explosion… (page 2)

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EU 2014-2015: after the European Parliamentary elections, the stand-off between the Parliament and the European Council will encourage Euroland’s rise

The EU’s institutional architecture has always been, since the beginning of the European integration process, based on the shifting sands of political reality. If we only look at it at a given moment, one could be led to believe that the structure is sound, firmly rooted in European treaties. But the reality is quite different… (page 11)

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The world in 2030 – Diversification / infrastructures / education: anticipating an economy’s post-crisis capacity to rebound

If it’s necessary to have a view of short term events to navigate through this crisis of secular magnitude, one must never however lose sight of the big picture of the changes in the world, as we regularly remind GEAB readers. It’s the reason why it’s important not to forget the core trends which shape a society over the long term, i.e. over several decades (20 to 30 years)… (page 15)

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Global Governance - The Euro-BRICS rapprochement at the service of the system’s update or as a matrix for a new model?

Are the institutions of global governance, theoretically in charge of managing the crisis affecting the world for the last five years, structurally capable of undertaking the necessary reforms to create the conditions for an improvement in their effectiveness?… (page 27)

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Strategic and operational recommendations

Cash / oil / stock exchanges / bonds… (page 30)

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The GlobalEurometre - Results and Analyses

This month’s questionnaire reflects a high but constant concern about the economic signals, with the notable exception over the risk of bank failures which has become clearer once again… (page 33)

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Laboratoire européen d’Anticipation Politique / Europe 2020

Europe 2020 is a website dedicated to European political anticipation. Developed in partnership with many different organisations including research centres and individual researchers, Europe 2020 website aims at promoting research in the field of European political anticipation and at circulating widely results of this research.

Simultaneously, Europe 2020 website provides support to innovating initiatives aimed at upgrading the European Union’s capacity to face 21st century challenges, namely:

. Democratisation of the European Union

. Invention of a commion external policy (in particular, contents developed by GlobalEurope 2020)

. Prospective analysis of the global systemic crisis

Europe 2020 website’s most striking features are:

1. it is the first European website of political anticipation, independent from any government, lobby, parti...

2. it operates in partnership with a large number of civil society organisations, companies, NGOs, and European and national public administrations (national Ministries of foreign affairs, European institutions, research centres); and from other continents.

3. it is rooted in the analyses, methods and expectations of the new generations of Europeans (born after the Treaty of Rome)

4. theoretical input is turned into action as it actively supports many large-scale events.

Europe 2020 website has developed four fields of intervention:

INFORMATION: Elements for a public debate in Europe

- Europe 2020 Press Reviews

REFLEXION: Anticipation in the service of European decision-making

- High-level anticipation seminars

- Anticipation papers

- Reports, Executive summaries

- Monthly confidential letter (GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin - on subscription)

DEBATE: Articulation between citizens, « experts » and institutions

Actions conducted in partnership with citizen-based organisations

TRAINING: Preparing for tomorrow’s European human resources

- Training Seminars to Political anticipation (namely in new member-states)

- Specific training programmes : political anticipation, networking, innovation (enquiries: centre@europe2020.org)

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